Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back in Black

Ok, it's somewhat criminal that I've been posting to Facebook and other semi-private places regularly, but I've ignored my public blog here. So here's a quickie post of some pictures I took a few days ago, sporting a brunette look.

Lots going on with me lately, I've started doing drag shows among other things, which has forced me to up my makeup game. Will hopefully also do another piano/cabaret gig at Cafe D'Mongo sometime soon as well.


  1. What a pretty face (those eyes!)... I'd love to learn how to do my eyes the way you've done yours. I'm sure it helps to have big, bright, perfectly-shaped brown eyes, but there's some makeup talent happening there too.

  2. Thank you Janie! Actually if you saw me without makeup you'd see my eyes aren't really that big and bright, most of that is the makeup. Some of it is just not being afraid to put on a lot of eye makeup (eyeliner going all the way around, and quite a bit of eyeshadow, but blended so that it doesn't look too obnoxious). Bigger eyes end up making your face look more feminine proportionally.

    But it does take practice. I've been getting more practice and advice lately since I've been doing drag shows (mostly from my drag mom) but you can always practice on your own or get together with a tgirl friend to try things.

  3. Dear Miss Cindy

    I am with my friend Janie, honestly your eyes just pop. I must get brave with the eyeliner. And the blue shadow brings me back to very happy days too.

    Looking forward to notes on your next performance. Be sure please to write things up here, would you?


  4. Check your blog ability if you select one option then you will get....choice option....