Sunday, March 14, 2010

At the Talent Show

Yeah, I know this was a couple of weeks ago, but I just ran across some pictures I took at the Talent Show fundraiser for Astro Coffee on Feb 26. I hadn't seen any other pictures posted, so these may be highly valuable artifacts --

I think the guy at the mic is Dave from Supino's Pizzeria, or someone who looks kind of like him.

This looks like Joe, Robert, and someone else I met there but I didn't catch the name of everyone.

Anyway, the Talent Show was pretty loose and a lot of fun! I even got up there and played a few songs, which was not easy playing on the Casio mini-keyboard and being somewhat drunk. I've resolved to attend more Detroit-y events when possible, and this was a good one. And if this fundraiser can help a place with good coffee open up in the city, that's also a great thing.