Sunday, March 14, 2010

At the Talent Show

Yeah, I know this was a couple of weeks ago, but I just ran across some pictures I took at the Talent Show fundraiser for Astro Coffee on Feb 26. I hadn't seen any other pictures posted, so these may be highly valuable artifacts --

I think the guy at the mic is Dave from Supino's Pizzeria, or someone who looks kind of like him.

This looks like Joe, Robert, and someone else I met there but I didn't catch the name of everyone.

Anyway, the Talent Show was pretty loose and a lot of fun! I even got up there and played a few songs, which was not easy playing on the Casio mini-keyboard and being somewhat drunk. I've resolved to attend more Detroit-y events when possible, and this was a good one. And if this fundraiser can help a place with good coffee open up in the city, that's also a great thing.


  1. That was a fun night! It was great to meet you!

    In the first pic that's Ryan, the planner of the talent show, and in the second pic that's Brian. So you can keep the names straight.

    You were awesome, especially given the fact that you were playing on a child's keyboard. I'm so glad you came!

  2. Thanks again SG! Yes, I was thinking that wasn't really Dave in the 1st pic, blurry cell phone photography at its finest. And I shouldn't bitch too much about the little keyboard, in theory I could have brought my own. Fun times, though!