Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, hello there.

Alright, I've started up a public blog. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting about my exceedingly glamorous life in Detroit, I mainly wanted to set up something to comment on other people's blogs. If I do post I will try to keep it quick and spontaneous.

I will however include a couple pictures of myself, as a thank-you to all my fans. Which I am going to work on accumulating, starting now.

An icy stare, just for you.


  1. Well, hello! Allow me to be your first fan.

    Lovely photos my dear and the icy stare is perfectly appropriate. Being cheerful for the camera is really overrated - you'd never catch a super model grinning like an idiot.

  2. Hi Sheena! Thank you dear. The lighting in the first picture in interesting, by accident, it looks like a built-in video camera light (kind of like the lighting in the Lady GaGa Just Dance video if you've seen it).

    I know the red-orange hair is probably not appropriate with the vintage red disco dress, but I still love the cut on that hair.

  3. I am loving the blue nails. Just sayin'.

  4. Well thank you, Thombeau! I just now noticed the additional comment here. I really do need to get back to the blogging.